About Brews Brothers Grille

On any given day there are three things you can always say about Brews Brothers Grille— the grill is always sizzlin', the taps are always flowin', and a good time is being had by all.

That's the fundamental and good-natured premise behind Brews Brothers Grille, 183 Franklin Ave., Franklin Square, a popular gathering spot for friends and neighbors over three decades that is now undergoing a huge revival with an inspired new brand, courtesy of Brian and Mike.

And looking at the menu, that is precisely what patrons get at Brews Brothers Grille —  collections of appetizers, salads, wraps, sandwiches and entrees, plus a "Build-Your-Own Burger"? that invites beef lovers to pair their favorite topping with "the best 8 oz. burgers in town"

"We make our own burgers here, all with fresh ground sirloin, perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection," says Brian. "I can't tell you how many times people tell us when they sit down for lunch, 'I came for the burgers.'"

The same holds true about the wings at Brews Brothers. The Grille features two of the most popular Wing Nights in town on Tuesday & Thursdays night, where people jam into the restaurant for platefuls of the Buffalo, Honey BBQ & Teriyaki.

"Attendance speaks volumes about how good our wings are", Mike says. "People walk through the door and the place feels like it's Mardis Gras. They don't care how crowded it is because they just know they're in store for a good time."

As for "the brews" at Brews Brothers Grille, the boys offer a popular and elegant selection of 40-plus beers available in bottle or on tap. Their distinguished selection changes seasonally, about three times a year.

"Our beer philosophy is that less is more," says Mike. "We don't want or need to be a beer museum that carries a bad Jamaican beer because we need another country to represent. And we don't want to carry Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap just for nostalgia's sake."

"Our selection is 20 percent about what's popular and 80 percent about taste," Brian says. "Of course, we have Budweiser and Miller Lite. But Bass Ale, Harpoon and Smuttynose — those are about taste."

Ultimately, for Brian and Mike, it all boils down to simplicity at Brews Brothers…"Keep it simple and always try to be the best," says Mike. "That kind of energy always produces good things."

"Simple, sure, but everything gets a Brews Brothers signature on it," says Brian.

The History

In 1974 U.S. Navy veteran Robert Johns opened the Nook & Cranny on Franklin Avenue in Franklin Square. For the better part of 32 years the tavern had been a popular gathering place for friends and neighbors of the community. But by 2008 with its popularity waning, some thought the establishment was in its twilight. That is until Mike and Brian came along.

The two childhood friends will often joke that they are "brothers from different mothers." But if they indeed shared a mother, it would be the restaurant industry.

After graduating John Glenn High School in East Northport, the two friends drifted into parallel career paths. Brian devoted his early career to cooking, working the majority of the last 19 years at the Huntington Bay Club and at an upscale north shore steakhouse. Mike spent that same time visiting hundreds of New York City restaurants as a beverage dispensing technician.

Yet it wasn't until the two shared a part-time gig as doormen at the popular Artful Dodger in Huntington that they decided to go into business together.

"We were helping other business owners be successful with their establishements when we decided we could be doing the same for ourselves," Mike said.

In fact, it was Mike who came across the tavern on Franklin Avenue that was soon to become theirs.

"Not so much the building, but the location is historic," Brian says. "There is a lot of history here, over 30 years worth. A lot of memories were created here and people look back at this place with nostalgia and fondness."

'Landing in a place with that kind of legacy was something we knew we could build on and didn't want to pass up," Mike said.

The Brand

The Brews Brothers brand has started to take off, the boys say. The beginning is apparent nightly as patrons return to the restaurant donned in their Brews Brothers Grille t-shirts and caps.

"We know we have something here," says Mike. "The premise is not original, but our formula and its parts have a defined Brews Brothers signature that can't be duplicated."

Can't be duplicated by anyone else but them that is. Mike and Brian have their eye on the future and Brews Brothers is it. "We're perfecting our brand now and Franklin Square will always be headquarters. But don't be surprised when you see a sister location or three open up."

"We're happy and flattered that more and more people are embracing what we are doing, and as long as that continues to happen, we will look into how to accommodate our growing following."